Shawna and Doug Meeks

Meeks Family
2019 CAMC Foundation Gala Chair Couple

Shawna and I agreed to chair the CAMC Foundation Gala as a way to give back to our community and the CAMC family of hospitals that has helped us through the years. Everyone in our family has used resources provided by CAMC Women & Children’s. I was born at the hospital which is now CAMC Women and Children’s. As a young adult, I was treated for cancer at CAMC Women and Children’s Hospital. When it came time to have children of our own, Shawna and I attended childbirth classes offered at the hospital. Our kids were both born at CAMC Women & Children’s and continue to visit their pediatrician there. CAMC Women & Children’s has helped us to live a vibrant and healthy life. By chairing this important event, we want to help ensure the services provided at CAMC Women and Children’s continue to be available to everyone who needs them well into the future. There’s nothing better than giving back to a great cause that has helped you in the past!