Child Advocacy Center

CAMC Women and Children’s Child Advocacy Center (CAC) serves children that have been the victims of physical or sexual abuse. The primary goal of the CAC is to provide children and families professional and compassionate care in order to minimize and reduce the trauma experienced by children who are the victims of abuse. The CAC provides forensic interviews, conducted by a trained professional with the goal of obtaining factual information about the alleged abuse from the child. They provide medical evaluations and comprehensive check-ups in a safe environment by a specialty-certified pediatrician. Finally, the CAC offers support services such as victim advocacy, trauma focused therapy and case management services to help children and families as they move forward.

For more than five years the CAMC Foundation has provided support for the Child Advocacy Center. Nearly $300,000 has gone to help the CAC provide services for children who have been the victim of abuse. Thank you to the many generous donors for making this possible.

Unfortunately the number of children seen at the Child Advocacy Center increases each year. Your support now is more important than ever. Donate today to the Child Advocacy Center and help us continue to provide these vital services for children who have been the victims of abuse.

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