Community Giving – Cross Lanes Women’s Club


The women of the Cross Lanes Women’s Club have been active with the CAMC Foundation Community Giving program for 3 years. Each summer the members of the club hold a walk to honor club member Mary Fletcher, a breast cancer survivor. All of the money raised at the walk goes back to the CAMC Cancer Center to support services that the Cross Lanes Women’s Club is passionate about. This year they dedicated their donation towards the survivorship program.

Mary Fletcher had this to say, “The summer of 2016 was both a blessing and a curse for me, with the birth of my two grandchildren and the terror or being diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. As I progressed through the chemo treatments for the next 7 months, the CAMC Cancer Center staff provided excellent care for me. I finished the treatment plan on January 21, 2017 after a bilateral mastectomy and a hysterectomy. I was a survivor! But now what? I started attending a weekly support group with Dr. Hancock, Lore Wilcox and fellow cancer survivors. These weekly meetings basically provided the glue for me to put my life back together. Each week I faithfully returned to the CAMC Cancer Center, I was met with welcoming smiles at the front door. I could get a manicure and a new hat or scarf to cover my bald head. I continue to attend monthly meetings now because it is important for the women who are at different stages of survival to support each other. Yes your hair does grow back and yes you do regain your energy eventually but you do still have anxiety about follow up visits. The survivor support programs offered by the CAMC Cancer Center are perhaps as valuable as the medical treatment. The latest program that provides a clinic to see active treatment patients who are ill is just awesome!”