Educational Assistance

The birth of CAMC as a teaching hospital began nearly a half century ago.

Today, the CAMC Foundation helps support that proud tradition by allocating philanthropic dollars to support educational assistance for nursing students, current CAMC employee educational expenses, and continuing education for health care providers at CAMC.

By doing so, the CAMC Foundation supports the CAMC mission of “striving to provide the best health care to every patient, every day” by anticipating and preparing to meet our community’s medical needs both now and in the future. Working together with our community, through generous donations, the CAMC Foundation has awarded more than $12 million dollars since 2017 to educational assistance programs for nursing students who will in turn complete clinical training at CAMC and become employees of CAMC upon graduation. In doing so, we affirm CAMC’s mission as a community based academic medical center. We will continue to expand our commitment of providing education and learning experiences to professionals throughout our state. Partnerships in learning create benefits for our community – high quality health care, improved patient outcomes, population retention, and economic impact; the conduit for which is education.

Student RN Tuition Assistance Program

We know that a highly educated nursing workforce strengthens the quality of care CAMC provides its patients.  That is why the CAMC Foundation is providing funding for students to access programs that help them complete their education and secure a place on CAMC’s elite nursing team.

Since the fall 2017, CAMC has offered tuition assistance to eligible students who have been accepted to any nursing school in West Virginia.  Students must have a letter of acceptance or be in good standing, and must be currently attending a nursing program in the state.

Work Commitment Guidelines

In exchange for the tuition assistance, students must agree to a work commitment with CAMC:

  • Work commitment is up to 5 years
  • Commitment starts upon hire in an RN capacity at CAMC
  • Must be employed within two months of graduation date
  • Must meet employment status guidelines

Financial Guidelines

  • Maximum amount for education assistance support is $30,000
  • If not successful in completing RN program or obtaining nursing license, the full amount will be required to be paid back.
  • Anything paid out in excess of $5,250 in a calendar year, per IRS regulations, will be taxed.

For more information about the Nursing Tuition Assistance Program, contact Brianna Chin at 304-388-3376 or

Donate now to support a student who wishes to become a nurse, or call 304-388-9860 for more information.

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