CAMC Center for Learning and Research

CAMC is expanding its role as an Academic Medical Center and its commitment of providing simulation training, education, research, and learning experiences to staff and employees at CAMC and medical professionals throughout our state.

The new CAMC Center for Learning and Research will provide learning space for live and multisite participation of learners from all CAMC locations as well as healthcare professionals throughout the state. The new facility will include training and education rooms that model surgery suites, labor and delivery suites, emergency rooms, critical care rooms, patient hospital rooms and outpatient clinic rooms.

Increasingly, learning institutions with healthcare programs throughout our region are turning to CAMC for help. These institutions are looking for learning experiences that enhance the classroom learning for their students. The new CAMC Center for Learning and Research will allow CAMC to respond and initiate new dialogue with community education partners in the delivery of learning. This center will also assist in utilizing West Virginia’s limited resources to create an immersive educational tool that is robust and innovative to serve all healthcare learners in the state. The CAMC Center for Learning and Research will represent new partnerships between CAMC and the schools and universities providing healthcare clinical learning programs in West Virginia.

The new, stand-alone, state-of-the-art, three story building will be located on Chesterfield Avenue, in Kanawha City, across MacCorkle Avenue from CAMC Memorial Hospital.

The project total cost is $18 million and will be paid for with funds raised from the community and CAMC bond financing. In order to support this exciting effort, CAMC Foundation is conducting the Knowledge at the Center of Care Campaign to raise funds from our community to help support the new CAMC Center for Learning and Research and supply it with the latest technology and equipment. The CAMC Foundation campaign fundraising goal is $6 million.

To learn more about how you can partner with the CAMC Foundation Knowledge at the Center of Care campaign to help make this vision a reality, contact:  Bryan Cummings, President, or 304-388-9866.

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