Did you know that CAMC Institute participates in 300- 400 clinical trials a year?

ResearchAs a health system, CAMC is dedicated to providing the latest in new therapies and applications. These clinical trials span a broad variety of ailments ranging from sepsis, obesity, vaccines, hepatitis, cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes, and dementia to name a few.

When Allan Hamilton was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma cancer 7 years ago he didn’t think things could get much worse for him. However the cancer which originated as a small mole on his back spread throughout his entire body and metastasized to his organs. He was told he had 6 months to live. Alan had a 2 year old at the son and knew that he wanted to do whatever it took to stay alive for his child.

Allan partnered with the CAMC Institute to enroll in a clinical trial. While remaining close to home, Alan was able to access and receive ground breaking treatments at CAMC. Alan is now 5 years removed and disease free. He has a new outlook on life and looks forward to each birthday; a measure of success for him and his family. Allan feels lucky to have been involved in this clinical trial and is thankful every day for Dr. Jubelirer, the doctor who was over his clinical trial and Augusta Kosowicz the Cancer Center Clinical Trial Manager for helping save his life

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