CAMC Foundation, Inc. is the fundraising organization for the Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC), a regional medical center that is recognized for its excellence in medical services. The CAMC Foundation works with donors to secure current and future support for CAMC programs and services to improve the health of the people of West Virginia. The CAMC Foundation’s fundraising and grant funding is solely dedicated to CAMC.

Each year, the CAMC Foundation grants to CAMC more than $4.0 million to support programs, services, technology, and other patient needs. Administrators, managers, departments and units of CAMC are encouraged to submit requests for funding, on a quarterly basis, for worthwhile projects that will benefit the delivery of healthcare at CAMC. The CAMC Foundation Board of Directors reviews all grant applications and makes a final decision on funding.

The CAMC Foundation’s fundraising and grant funding is solely dedicated to CAMC. Grant request are accepted electronically. To request an application link, please contact Karen Lewis at or Bryan Cummings at

2022 Grants Approved

Grant Spotlight

Nursing Education Grant

The tradition of CAMC runs deep through the veins of Emma Hartney.

Emma is a second generation CAMC employee who attributes her success to the generosity of the CAMC Foundation’s Nursing Education Fund.  The funds awarded to Emma have allowed her to complete her Associate’s Degree in Nursing debt free.

Emma’s father has been a dedicated employee at CAMC for over 30 years and her mom has served over 20 years as a school nurse.  Emma’s career goal has been to become a nurse.  Through her work as a volunteer with the CAMC Junior Volunteer Program and participating in the CAMC Junior Nurse Academy, she gained first-hand insight into the world of healthcare.  From there, she began her nursing education, became a Nurse Extern at CAMC Women and Children’s Hospital Emergency Department, and will soon begin a full-time career as a Registered Nurse at CAMC Women’s and Children’s hospital.

Emma Hartney
Emma Hartney