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Together we can improve the health of our community

Your gifts to the CAMC Foundation allow us to expand our programs and services to better serve the people in our community.

What Your Gifts Support

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CAMC Center for Learning and Research

  • Supporting our role as an Academic Medical Center.
  • Provides training and education rooms that model surgery suites, emergency suites, labor and delivery suites, and more.
  • Includes study rooms, practice rooms, and learner lounges.
  • Serves not only CAMC employees, but all healthcare learners across the state.

Women and Children's Hospital

  • Each year more than 2,000 babies are born at CAMC Women and Children's Hospital, many of which are high-risk births.

  • CAMC Women and Children's Hospital is home to the region's largest and busiest Level IV (highest level) neonatal intensive care unit and level I (highest level) pediatric intensive care unit.

  • High-tech, maternal-fetal medicine and gynecologic cancer services are also offered.
  • Funds raised sustain a positive and healing presence in West Virginia and help provide the best possible start in life for our tiny patients.


Cancer Center

  • West Virginia’s leading provider of cancer services, CAMC offers the highest level of care in a supportive environment close to home.
  • Our highly trained specialists treat many types of cancer, and as such, the CAMC Foundation helps fund many programs and services related to that care.
  • CAMC Foundation successfully raised $15 million dollars to construct a new Cancer Center in 2015.
  • Additional funds are needed to fund additional programs and services.

CAMC Foundation Hospitality House

  • The CAMC Foundation Hospitality House provides free or significantly reduced cost lodging to patients and their families while receiving medical care away from their home communities. 

  • Unlike a hotel, the CAMC Foundation Hospitality House provides opportunities for those going through similar stressful situations to come together as a group where they can support one another.  

  • With the help of generous and compassionate donors, the CAMC Foundation can provide for the physical comfort and emotional needs of families during a medical crisis so that they may participate fully with the medical team as partners in care.

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The CAMC Institute of Academic Medicine has been committed to improving health through research for more than 40 years.

Through research, education, and health promotion, CAMC Institute for Academic Medicine aims to improve the health of our patients and community.

Research focuses on:

  • Preventative healthcare
  • Improving patient outcomes
  • Evaluating health services and quality of care

Donor Spotlight Sunday Dink Away

Meet Samir Jones and Zoe Charles, Co-Presidents of the George Washington High School Pickleball Club. On Sunday, September 10, 2023, they hosted the Sunday Dink Away; a pickleball tournament to raise funds for CAMC Children's Cancer Center.

Samir and Zoe welcomed 61 teams, 122 players, and over 150 in attendance to help raise $2,181.00 for the children and families battling pediatric cancer. A very special thanks to Samir and Zoe and all those that participated!